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Dorothy Donohue has a MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and has been illustrating and writing childrens books for 20 years. Her illistration style is created with various shapes of differently textured paper, glued together which creates a 3-dimensional effect.

As a child, Dorothy loved to watch CAPTAIN KANGAROO and remember him reading wonderful children’s books with beautiful pictures, and it was then that she decided she wanted to create picture books.

After graduate school, she was hired by Hallmark Greetings in Kansas City, whereDorothy illustrated hundreds of cards, many of them inspired by her lop-eared rabbit, Claire. Dorothy became known as the “Bunny Lady”!

Claire the bunny

Dorothy lives in Boulder, Colorado with her wonderful husband, James and two children, Julia and Joe and Lola and Leo.

Dogs are also a big part of Dorothy's life and work. She has always felt a special bond with dogs, and has been blessed to have shared her life with so many of the through the years. She volunteers as a dog walker at the Boulder Humane Society, and some of the truly special ones have wound up coming home with her.




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